New Xbox LIVE Account Switch Regions Tool In Beta

New Xbox LIVE Account Switch Regions Tool In Beta


It’s common knowledge how frustrating it can be to move to a whole new country and find that your Xbox LIVE account is riddled with issues bringing lengthy calls to Xbox Support!

Now, Microsoft are set to improve the experience of switching Xbox LIVE regions with a new web-based automation tool that is currently in testing stages for selected regions.

The new web-based tool to streamline the process of moving your Xbox LIVE region will only allow a region switch once per a three month period and will transfer your gamertag, Achievements, MS Points, but region locked content will not be transferable. Region locked content can include subscriptions to Xbox Music, SKY TV, and other streaming Apps only available in the originating country of release.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed any existence of this new tool and a full worldwide release date for the link is currently unknown.

Thanks: NeoWin