Is that a new Xbox One dashboard, or are you just pleased to see me?

It seems our ‘beloved’ Xbox One dashboard is going to get another revamp. Originally built with Kinect in mind, before taking the peripheral out of bundles, the Xbox One dashboard has failed in recreating the simple yet intuitive experience of the Xbox 360.

Recently, Mike Ybarra revealed that changes were afoot and that optimisations were planned that would increase the speed of the dashboard, particularly when pressing the Xbox button on controllers to access the blade guide, but how will this look? Windows central has the answer…

The update will hit preview program members first, who will get to see just how well the new Cortana responds and whether the overhauled achievement tracking and gamerscore leaderboards can reinvigorate that competitiveness in gamers for 1000Ging games first. Additional there are also new music controls planned.

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