New Xbox One owners still getting dashboard tile image problems

dashboard one

Are your Xbox One tiles blank?

The Xbox One has been out since November 2013, and yet a common problem still remains largely unaddressed or supported by both Xbox and BT. New Xbox One owners get an imageless dashboard – the tiles load, but no game or advert images load – a blessing and a curse!

The problem could eventually be resolved in the upcoming dashboard revamp, but for now, those using BT’s homehub 5 are primarily affected and may find that their dashboard tiles remain blank unless they do one simple thing – open up the Internet Explorer app!

When launching Internet Explorer on your Xbox One, the BT homehub page should automatically load and all you need do is follow the onscreen prompts and login to your BT account. Once you’ve done this, and selected which options you’d like, reboot your console and just like magic the dashboard tiles will load!

Happy gaming!

UPDATE: If you want to go one step further and stop the homehub from misbehaving with other devices, be sure to check out this article and disable Smart Setup – thanks Gunzta!

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