New Xbox One title announcement runs like Clockwork


Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Steampunk-inspired The Swindle, another Steampunk-based game has just been announced from Sydney based developer, Gamesoft.

Clockwork has that curiously organic mix of technology and Victorian-inspired steam-powered technology for the main character, a robot boy called Atto, and his companion Milli who grants him the ability to clone himself to help solve puzzles in this 2D platformer.

The city of Watchtower has been decimated by a plague and the survivors have taken refuge within it’s steel walls. Atto must use his abilities to reverse time and save the population. The key to solving the puzzles lies in the cloning ability in this gloriously hand-drawn world.

Clockwork is due for release later this year nad if you’re lucky enough to be going to GDC in San Francisco this year, then the game will be playable at that event.

Once more, thanks to IGN for the trailer.

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