News: Xbox Live Gamerscore Could Gain Microsoft Points in Future

Your gamerscore might start to mean a lot more than just kudos to your friends or simply a (rather large) number linked with your Xbox Live account; Xbox Live Rewards intends to open up new ways to earn Microsoft Points based on your gamerscore and the achievements you gather.

Xbox Live Rewards is a scheme used by Microsoft that allows Xbox Live users, with a large emphasis on Gold members, to gain further Microsoft Points based on renewals of subscriptions, answering questionnaires and buying new content for games or avatars. Expanding it beyond content to achievements and gamerscore turns a rather arbitary number (and one, my self included, that gamers enjoy having) into another incentive to play the heck out of your gaming library.

Heres the tweet in question:


Firm details are thin on the ground at the moment, with details coming from  the official Xbox Live Rewards twitter account shown above; Autumn could be an interesting time as an Xbox 360 owner.

We will keep you updated when we find out more.


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