Next-Gen Gaming – Don’t Forget The Broadband!

Next-Gen Gaming – Don’t Forget The Broadband!


We may be ready for the next-generation of Xbox (which is long overdue in my opinion), but with new technology and a shifting focus on home consoles being far more than just gaming machines – newly dubbed “entertainment hubs” that rely on our broadband connections, is yours up to speed?

A recent research exercise by found that “more than a third of gamers had no idea what download speeds they received, and even fewer knew their upload speeds”. That thought alone is quite shocking considering what impact broadband has on our current generation of consoles, can you imagine what you’re going to be missing out on with the next-generation if your connection is not as good as it could be, let alone should be!

I recently had the opportunity to talk to as part of their article which revealed why the next generation of gaming will be truly defined by the internet, not new consoles. It’s a great read and has some very valid points from gaming experts. You can also test your broadband speed via links on the article page which you can access via the link below: // PS3 vs Xbox 360: and the winner is… broadband?

Although Microsoft has not officially confirmed the release date for the next-gen Xbox console – strong rumours suggest it will release in time for Christmas 2013. You have about a year to get your broadband up to scratch!