Next-Gen Xbox 720 Chips Go Into Production

We may be lots of things on this side of the internet – Call of Duty addicts, gaming news enthusiasts who just have to know everything about everything when it comes to the Xbox 360, but we also know what we aren’t – and thats geeky tech heads who understand the greatness of SoC, and 300mm 32nm SOI wafers… set to line the internal guts of the next generation of Xbox consoles.

SemiAccurate have ran a report that the next Xbox – once again, Xbox 720, Next Box, Xbox 3, Xbox Infinity, Xbox Loop whatever you want to call it, has had its chipset go into production and that the whole kit and kaboodle is likely to be a Power PC CPU with an ATI GCN/HD7000/Southern Islands GPU, running Oban chips manufactured by IBM.

It is estimated that around 10,000 units are going into production that suggests this is not, repeat “not” clearly enough for a home console release production, but most certainly a batch of Dev Kits that will be distributed across the globe in preparation for development of the next-gen games set to be released in the next few years.

Sources are saying to expect silicon production for retail consoles to start late 2012, so don’t expect the next Xbox console before Spring 2013 at the very least!

(Thanks Semiaccurate)

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