Next-Gen Xbox 720 Could Have DVR Functionality?

Business Week has reported that Microsoft have been awarded a new patent for a game-playing console with an in-built digital video recorder that allows gamers to record content from their TV whilst playing games. It’s a concept they’ve had in mind since 2007 with the patent only being granted in the last few weeks.

Going as far back as 2008, BT Vision was initially going to feature DVR, streaming movies and TV content on the current generation of consoles with the intention of a DVR subscription service, but through lack of aerial input – an additional piece of hardware would have been required. Since then, neither BT Vision or that extra hardware surfaced for some reason or another!

With the new patent now in place, presumably for a next-gen console since DVR functionality is not possible due to the limitations of the 360, it is described that whilst the DVR enabled console is in recording mode, the user can toggle between different media modes on the fly.

Other rumors this year have hinted that Microsoft intend to release a new form of Xbox 360 rather than a next-gen console, including Xbox LIVE enabled TV sets, and Xbox 360 consoles integrated with in-built Windows 8 – when Microsoft confirm or deny what plans are in place, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Source: BusinessWeek

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