Next-Gen Xbox Document Leaks Kinect Glasses, Blu-Ray, Full 3D Support

A document detailing Microsoft’s Plans for the next-gen Xbox console referred to as an Xbox 720 has leaked online and brings with it some fact’s we already knew, as well as new exciting information around augmented reality with Kinect-Glasses! The document is around two-years old and therefore a lot can change over time, but it seems a 2013 console release was always on the cards for a new console, with Kinect-Glasses coming in 2014.

More recently we were informed that the next-gen console would be called “Xbox 8” since all its functions will heavily integrate between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – creating a unified recognised “8” between all devices and software used within them, but this has not yet been officially confirmed. With reference to the Kinect-Glasses due to drop in 2014, very little information is given within the documentation, but the idea is shown to be augmented reality using wi-fi and 4g technology to deliver a virtual reality effect in your very own living room.

The next-gen Xbox console is shown to be using up to eight x86 cores clocked at 2GHz each with 4GB of DDR4 memory alongside three PPC cores clocked at 3.2GHz each for backwards compatibility with existing Xbox 360 titles. It shows to include Blu-Ray, full 3D support, and an “always-on” console state as well as support for DVR functionality to record tv shows. It does not show any planned designs for the console, but does aim for it to be under $300 with Kinect 2.0 included.

Within the newly leaked document – we bring you the key features as shown below in the images captured. Click each one to enlarge.

Thanks NeoGaf

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