Next-Gen Xbox So Immersive It Will Plaster Your Walls With Images

Next-Gen Xbox So Immersive It Will Plaster Your Walls With Images

That’s right, Microsoft has high hopes for the future of gaming and quite literally want’s to plaster the environments from games around you in your own living room. What is said to be an “Enviromental Display” device that sits neatly on top of your tv next to your Kinect 2.0, a recent filing for a new patent┬ástates that “An immersive display environment is provided to a human user by projecting a peripheral image onto environmental surfaces around the user. The peripheral images serve as an extension to a primary image displayed on a primary display.”

Microsoft also detail in the patent filing that a future version of their Xbox console will connect to the Environmental Display which incorporates┬áa depth camera┬á(114) as shown above in the demonstration graphic. The depth camera is configured to generate three-dimensional depth information for the total display environment such as the user’s four walls. The depth camera may be configured as a┬átime-of-flight camera┬áconfigured to determine spatial distance information by calculating the difference between launch and capture times for emitted and reflected light pulses.

So, how will the device avoid plastering your body with the Environmental Display, well it seems Microsoft has that covered with the future Kinect. Working with the Kinect Sensor, Kinect tracks your position using the depth input received from the depth camera and the Environmental Display outputs an image so that a portion of your position is shielded.

It’s pretty clever equipment and the future of gaming doesn’t seem to be all about just watching what’s on your screen as Microsoft want to fully immerse you in the environments created by the developers. In the next few years you could be not only playing Halo, but sitting in the lush green environment as you stalk out the enemy!

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced anything new here, but a recent Patent filing outlines their future gaming plans which sounds and looks quite exciting!

Via PatentlyApple

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