Nicalis and Ludosity announce Ittle Dew 2 for Xbox One


What do you do when you have a smash hit puzzle adventure game? You make a sequel along the same lines, that’s what you do. Nicalis have revealed that they will bring Ludosity’s 3D adventure puzzle game Ittle Dew 2 to Xbox One this summer.

With a focus on exploration and combat, your task is to conquer the in-game dungeons. The twist is that you can attempt them in any order and discover all the secrets of the expansive overworld.

The title will allow you to use four different weapons in combat and to solve puzzles to increase Ittle’s cache of upgradeable inventory, and level-up. You’ll also get the opportunity to progress your character in this RPG adventure.

To celebrate the announcement, publisher, Nicalis have released a new trailer to give you an idea of what to expect this summer, and here it is.

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