Is No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox One?

Data-mined files and an interview with Hello Games head, Sean Murray, have revealed evidence that No Man’s Sky might be coming to Xbox One after all.

NeoGAF user, Dragonbain, posted screenshots and info from his data-mine of the Steam version of No Man’s Sky. It’s obviously full of potential spoilers, so if you check out the post then be warned, but also within the files are some interesting hints at an Xbox One version of the game.

The game’s Havok license – Havok being an industry physics engine that No Man’s Sky uses – includes licenses for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

No Man's Sky Xbox News

Additionally, in an interview with the Daily Star, Sean Murray says some interesting things regarding the question of PS4 exclusivity:

The Daily Star said:

So when we spoke to Hello Games Sean Murray, the man responsible for creating No Man’s Sky, we asked him and received a rather coy response for what we assumed was a very straightforward question.

In response Murray told us he wasn’t sure what he was “actually allowed to say” at the time, noting that he needed to be “very specific with my words”.

Before going any further though, Sony’s rep stepped in to move the interview along, explaining that at this time there was nothing more to add.

A Havok license typically costs around $25,000, so licensing it for a platform you don’t intend to release on seems unlikely. Although, if Sony jumped in with an offer for exclusivity after the license was already bought by Hello Games, this could of been factored into the payment they received from Sony.

Meanwhile, Sony publish the physical release of No Man’s Sky, but the digital release is self published by Hello Games, another hint that exclusivity may have a digital loophole for a timed exclusive.

However, despite this building evidence there’s still doubts. The data-mined files also contain PS3 and Xbox 360 related data, and the chances of No Man’s Sky hitting those console is slim-to-none.

In the end these files could all be leftover legacy files from when No Man’s Sky was in early development, but here’s hoping we see the title hit Xbox One in the near future.

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