Now that’s what I call Sing! review

Now that’s what I call Sing! review

I’ve managed to get myself a bit of a reputation over the pass few years, not only am I awesome at Gears of War (Where’s your head at Berry!) but I’m also the go to man for Karaoke & Dancing games.

Naturally when Now that’s what I call Sing! Came in for review, everyone else took a step back leaving me with the daunting task of not annoying my family and neighbours with my angelic singing voice.


There hasn’t been a karaoke game on the Xbox since Lips, and it was nowhere near as successful as Playstation’s Singstar. With a gap in the market there is an ideal opportunity for NTWICS to reignite a genre that will always go down well with families and a parties, especially as there is support for 4 microphones in which case you’ll need a USB hub for the Xbox One.

NTWICS comes with 30 tracks to perform to, including Maroon 5’s ‘Moves like Jagger’, Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ and the hugely popular ‘All about that bass’ by Megan Trainor. The different tracks are pretty good, but personally I would have liked to see some more classic karaoke tracks, no doubt this is something that could be added via DLC in the future, despite this the tracks fit perfectly for the market they are aiming the game at.


The game has a very simple UI, giving you quick access to tracks and then allowing you to choose which game mode you want to play. The different modes are varied and good fun to play. They range from the basic karaoke modes including solo and duet but they also have some interesting variations. By Heart mode removes the lyrics from the screen but those looking for an extra challenge need to play on Expert mode which removes the lyrics and cues for pitch and length. Elimination plays out well, challenges players to keep a meter topped up to survive. 20,000 challenges players to score 20,000 points first. Most of the modes are locked until you score a certain amount of points on each song, you’ll find that you keep going back as each of the modes are pretty enjoyable. A nice touch is Jukebox mode, giving you a chance to watch the videos behind the tracks.

The game works really well, it handles tracking your voice well, to score the higher points you’ll need to match the tone and length of each note and chaining as many together as possible. I did ok for the most part but I’ll never be hitting the high scores (or notes) but even mediocre scores will see you unlocking the different game modes.

Now that’s what I call sing! is a technically competent game, it’s well priced and will go down great at parties and no doubt your neighbours will love you three mates belting out ‘Let it go’ after a few beers. It’s longevity will depend purely on the games future DLC plans, without more songs in the future this game could suffer the fate of Lips, but it’s a much better game that.

Thanks to Koch Media for supporting TiX

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