Official Saints Row: The Third Cocktails

Official Saints Row: The Third Cocktails

Loading, an independent gaming bar based in Falmouth, have announced their forth endorsed Gaming Cocktail, this time paying homage to Saints Row: The Third and to honour the release of the first batch of downloadable content, Genkibowl VII 

Loading opened in March 2010 is one of the only gaming bars in the UK, supported by Capcom, THQ, Turtle Beach, Ubisoft, EA & Sega offering customers the chance to drink, relax and play. As part of the tie in to the game, UK-based Loading has created the drink ‘The Saints Row 3way’ which it will be serving in its venue in Falmouth as well as making the drink recipe available online so fans of Genki Bowl can make the drink and enjoy the show from their own home.

What’s in the drink?

Each of the three shots represents one of the notorious gangs from Steelport:

Agwa (Green) for the Luchadores, Jim Beam Red Stag for the Morning Star, Bombay Saphire & Blue Curacao for Deckers. Then mix a drink of ‘Saints Rush’ (other energy drinks are available) and Blackcurrant Coulis in a pint glass.

Drink one of three ways:

  • 3 and Easy, drink each shot in turn the recover with a refreshing energy drink to recover.
  • 3’s a crowd, pour each shot straight into the pink glass and mix together.
  • Triple Penetration, feeling hardcore? Place all three at the top of the pint glass and slam to drop all three shots in and drink away.

Genkibowl VII is free for purchasers of the Saints Row Season Pass, and is available for the suggested price of 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

The drink is available now in the bar for a limited time or for further details visit