Online Multiplayer coming to The Living Dungeon

It was back in February that I got my hands on RadiationBurns The Living Dungeon game and I loved it. It was refreshing to get a turn-based strategy game on the Xbox One that brought back my days of playing games like Heroes Quest and Space Hulk and who executed it really well. However there was one thing missing and that was online multiplayer. This was one subject that was asked my many of the players of the game and Radiationburn rather than closing it ears and doors have listened and are about to deliver.

Now it’s ok to slaughter enemies and friends who are sitting on the couch next to you but sometimes this is just not possible and therefore there is nothing better than picking on total strangers via online multiplayer and our friends at Radiationburn have worked tirelessly to deliver this. We can expect The Living Dungeon to get online multiplayer for the Xbox One later this month but the date is still to be confirmed. However once we know for sure you will be the first to know.

For more information about The Living Dungeon and our thoughts and opinions about it why don’t you check out my review here. Otherwise sit tight and I look forward to facing you all in The Living Dungeon Online.

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