Ori and the Blind Forest gets release date on Xbox One


Did you play, and enjoy Ubisoft’s Child of Light? The emotional storytelling and water-colour art inspired graphics set a milestone for platformers to come on Xbox.

Moon Game Studios looks set to emulate the success of Child of Light with a game that was announced at E3 last year called Ori and the Blind Forest.

Ori’s origins, however, lie in the fluid movement and gameplay of Super Meat Boy, according to the developer, with wall-to-wall platforming and air-dash jump tricks.

Well, now Ori and the Blind Forest looks set for it’s final leg of production and Moon Game Studios have just announced that this metroidvania action-adventure platformer is due to be released on Xbox One on the 11th of March, with an Xbox 360 release planned for later this year.

Check out the release trailer from last year’s E3 and let us know if you’ll be investing in Ori.

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