Original Dead Rising games set for Xbox One

Capcoms Dead Rising was first released in 2006, making this year it’s 10 year anniversary. With the next gen consoles pretty much making the old ones obsolete, then the only right thing is to bring the old games smack up to date. The zombie smasher offers an open world experience where exploration is the key and it’s all against the clock. The challenge is to take up the role of Frank West, a photojournalist caught up amongst the apocalypse. Your job is to help him to escape the quarantined areas but on the way taking out as many undead as humanly possible. In addition is the weapon customisation adds an extra flare to your zombie dismembering, what other game lets you strap a circular saw to a mallet? None I’ve heard of.

3 installments of the series are set for the next gen treatment, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Off the Record. It is not yet known at this time the exact details of what to expect with the titles. It is possible that the games could simply be backwards compatible downloads, or (with a bit of luck) jazzed up versions of the originals. The publishers statement simply says more details will be released soon.

This announcements comes at just the right time, with Dead Rising 3 still a firm favourite with zombie bashers and Dead Rising 4 set for a December release, the whole series will offer people 100’s of hours of undead culling, when ever and how ever you want!

I wonder whether they will change the save system? I hope so, anyway here’s the Dead Rising 1 trailer for some gentle nostalgia.

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