Top 5 Casino Games for the Xbox One

Want to immerse yourself in an authentic casino experience without leaving your home? 

Different casinos games for the Xbox One are the perfect solution.

You’ll get all the thrills and excitement of playing classic casino games with your controller, sitting at virtual tables by yourself or with fellow gamers. But which casino games for the Xbox One are worth your time?

1. Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition

Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition is probably the most dynamic, exciting casino game for Xbox One. Its dramatic visuals are reminiscent of Capcom classics like Street Fighter and Mega Man, making for immense aesthetic appeal. 

The game features 12 characters battling to be named the best blackjack player (such as an undercover FBI agent) and 10 storylines offer plenty of variety. You can take part in local games with up to four other players. 

2. Four Kings Casino and Slots 

Four Kings Casino and Slots brings you a varied selection of exciting casino games. Enjoy the fast-paced spins of slots, place your bets on roulette, play a few hands of poker, and much more. 

Four Kings Casino and Slots recreates the experience of visiting a real casino, featuring in-game chips and a customisable avatar. This is a nice touch that helps you feel more like you’re in the gaming environment rather than just looking at it on a screen. 

You’re free to bring your friends together for a game of poker too, creating a fun social atmosphere you’ll recognise if you’ve visited a brick-and-mortar casino. Slots are a fast solo option if you only have a few minutes to spare (there are plenty of other slots options online too). 

WhichBingo features a comprehensive list of new slot sites. Browse the latest sites, games, tips, and other helpful features to make the most of your slot gaming time.

3. Pure Hold ‘em

Love poker? Pure Hold ‘em is made for fans like you. It boasts full multiplayer support for gaming with your friends or strangers from around the world. 

Pure Hold ‘em includes six tables to keep things fresh. You can progress through increasing areas of complexity and glamour, graduating from the standard casino-floor table to the high-roller’s zone. 

You can add to the Pure Hold ‘em experience by investing in multiple add-ons for a more complete package as well. This is great if you want to familiarise yourself with the rules of hold ‘em poker without risking any real money. 

4. Solitaire 

Solitaire is one of the most entertaining solo card games — and you can enjoy a relaxing hour or two playing this in your own home thanks to the Xbox Live version. The rules are easy to grasp for any player.

Bigben Interactive’s Solitaire offers three game modes and four settings to experiment with. It’s well worth a try. 

5. Vegas Party 

Funbox Media’s Vegas Party aims to recreate the buzz of a real casino floor. Your aim is to complete the Strip first, playing 10 minigames, swerving earthquakes and other obstacles, while stopping in at 17 different casinos. 

Play games like roulette, baccarat, bingo, and slot machines for a diverse experience. Vegas Party is an OTT recreation of Vegas and features plenty of colourful visuals to keep the game easy on the eye throughout. 

Each of these casino games for the Xbox one make terrific practice for playing real slots, blackjack etc., or let you indulge in risk-free fun in your own home. 

Have you played any of them? Would you recommend any others? Let us know.

How to Prepare and Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam on Your First Try?

VMware is at the forefront in provisioning of virtualization technologies and cloud computing software and services. It’s one of the most preferred IT service providers around the world. VMware has also made a name for itself as a dependable vendor for certifications and exams. The company prepares newbies and seasoned professionals to handle technical tasks associated with VMware products and services. 

One of the major areas that VMware focuses on is the vSphere, a popular VMware server virtualization software. This software helps organizations in running, managing, connecting, and securing their applications across cloud-based environments. To help organizations carry out these functions successfully, VMware administers training and certification exams that equip professionals with the necessary skills. There are two main credentials related to data center virtualization:

  • VCP6.5-DCV or VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization
  • VCP-DCV 2019 or VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2019

These credentials require you to pass one foundation and one professional test to attain a qualification. Below we will focus on professional-level 2V0-622 exam which is included in both these certification tracks. 

AboutVMware 2V0-622 Exam 

A candidate for this professional-level VMware exam must demonstrate the skills needed in installing, scaling, deploying, and managing the environments of VMware vSphere 6.5. You should also be able to manage, configure, and install vCenter server, virtual machines, and ESXi hosts using the required VMware tools. 

The exam is designed for candidates who have an experience of 6 months implementing vSphere and over 1 year in the IT industry, and can install, configure, monitor, and manage vSphere solutions.

VMware 2V0-622 Exam Details

  • Exam format: proctored
  • Questions: single-choice and multiple-choice 
  • Number of questions: 70
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Pass score: 300 points
  • Exam Cost: $250

2V0-622 exam validates your ability to carry out the following technical tasks:

  • Administering and configuring vSphere 6.x security
  • Administering and configuring vSphere 6.x networking 
  • Administering and configuring vSphere 6.x storage
  • Upgrading the deployment of vSphere to 6.x
  • Administering and managing the resources of vSphere 6.x 
  • Backing up and recovering the deployment of vSphere
  • Troubleshootingthe deployment of vSphere
  • Deploying and customizing the ESXi hosts
  • Administering and configuring vCenter availability solutions and vSphere 
  • Administering and managing vSphere virtual machines


How to Prepare and Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam

Preparing for exams is usually an anxious moment for every candidate. The main reason for this is that candidates usually do not know where to start, what resources to use, and what reliable strategies to apply during exam preparation. There’s no one specific strategy that guarantees passing 2V0-622 test. However, below we’re going to share with you some dependable study resources to pass your 2V0-622 exam. 

  1. Understand Skills Measured by Exam 2V0-622

Once you have made up your mind to take VMware 2V0-622 exam, the next step is to know what the test entails. You can only study for an exam whose objectives you’re familiar with. The VMware website has all the details of 2V0-622 exam including the list of the skills measured and retake policy. 

  1. Take Recommended Training

VMware recommends that you enroll in the training that is administered by one of their authorized trainers. This approach would give you a deeper insight into the exam objectives and allow you to master the required skills faster. Guidance from a qualified instructor is crucial when preparing for any VMware exam. You can find a training course for your 2V0-622 test on the official VMware website.

  1. Test Drive a VMware vSphere Environment

Practicing with the VMware hands-on labs is another great way to prepare for your 2V0-622 exam. These labs offer you an opportunity to interact with the products that the exam focuses on. At the end of this training, you will master the practical skills needed to pass your exam as well as offer solutions in a real-world environment. 

  1. Test Your Exam Readiness with Practice Tests

This is another reliable exam preparation trick. If you want to know whether you have mastered the knowledge and skills required, then the solution is to use practice tests. These tests, also popularly called exam dumps, are available online for download. They provide a reliable way to know if are ready for the challenge. The good thing is that there are no limits to the number of times that you can practice with these tests. 

If you are looking for consistent exam dumps for 2V0-622 exam, then visit PrepAway website. Files form PrepAway have been designed to ensure that your exam prep is smooth and thorough. They are frequently updated and verified by exam experts – that’s why they are always relevant.

  1. Take a Video Training Course from VMware Learning Zone

There are 154 training videos in the VMware Certification Exam Prep: VCP6.5 – Data Center Virtualization v6.5 Exam (2V0-622/2V0-622D) course. With this course, you’ll get a deeper coverage of 2V0-622 exam objectives as well as tips to pass your exam. You’ll also have the benefit of being trained by a VMware certified instructor. 

  1. Study with VMware 2V0-622 eBook

VMware books or study guides usually contain all the information necessary to succeed in the exams. A book like the VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide (Exam #2V0-621) will help you learn the required concepts at your own pace. With this book, you’ll also have access to quizzes and exam prep questions.

  1. Use VMware Technology Network

Being part of the VMware Technology Network enables you to interact with other candidates and professionals preparing for the same exam as you. You can ask questions, share ideas, and learn from what others share. The information offered in the VCP Community website is moderated by certified staff from VMware, which makes this forum valuable and reliable. 


Ensure your success in VMware 2V0-622 exam by using the abovementioned exam preparation resources and strategies. Allocate enough time for revision and focus on your studies. Earning your VCP6.5-DCV or VCP-DCV 2019 certification is only possible through the dedication and hard work!

GTA Online and the World’s Continued Fascination With Casino Gaming

Grand Theft Auto V may have launched for Xbox 360 back in September 2013 and then for Xbox One around a year later, but even now the title is continuing to do so well. Last year, even described it as the most financially successful media title of all time, outlining that it had sold – at the time – 90 million units and had generated in the region of $6 billion in revenue.

Of course, one reason why it continues to endure is the addition of new content through the multiplayer mode GTA Online, with Doomsday Heist for example being just one of several storylines which have been added to the game over time. Now, a casino addition to the title is set to launch this summer and anticipation is high as to what it will offer.

The Diamond Casino & Resort

At the end of June, RockstarGames ended months of speculation by confirming that The Diamond Casino & Resort is set to open in Los Santos this summer. No exact date has been put on the release, but it has been confirmed that the casino will be a “new luxury destination” and will offer a range of different features.

Life-changing prizes are expected to be on offer with a spin on the Lucky Wheel, while bars and lounges are set to showcase a range of different drinks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a range of table games will also be available to visitors who head to the new entertainment complex.

More details on the casino, which will be located between Vinewood Hills and the Tataviam Mountains, are expected in due course but it is fair to say that excitement is high regarding the imminent addition to the game.

A thriving casino industry

It certainly seems to make a lot of sense that Rockstar would finally make the move and open the casino. After all, the Grand Theft Auto games are steeped in adult themes and it is fair to say that such an establishment would fit the bill in that regard.

Furthermore, back in the real world, the casino industry in general is thriving at the moment and interest in the area has arguably never been higher. While land-based sites continue to do well, the rise of online gaming has had a major impact and ( that the online gambling market could be worth $94 billion by 2024.

As highlights, a host of different online casino sites have emerged in recent years and they are all now battling to attract players by offering not only a range of different gaming experiences but also an array of welcome bonuses. Put simply, it is a thriving and hugely competitive area.

Glitwz and glamor

When all that is considered, it is fair to say that the world continues to be fascinated by the glitz and glamor of casino gaming. With that in mind, it is perhaps not a major surprise that Rockstar would look to bring a bit of that style to the world of GTA Online.

It will be fascinating to see what The Diamond Casino & Resort offers players and whether it may even encourage a few gamers to go on and try their hand at the real thing.

How to keep your gaming account secure

Playing video games and casino games over the Internet is supposed to be a fun activity, with no other reason than spending too much time online. Sadly, the World Wide Web is also the hunting place of cyber criminals, hackers and people who use malware to take advantage of unsuspecting gamers. These guys don’t take breaks, are always on the prowl and go to great lengths to steal money, meddle with sensitive data and steal identities. The more one knows about the threat they pose, the more concerned one gets and this is actually a good thing. Luckily, there are a few things to do to keep your gaming accounts secure.

Carefully what links you click

One of the most insidious threats is called “phishing” and these attacks cost companies and individuals huge amounts every year. Hackers use trickery to gain access to sensitive data, including, but not limited to usernames, passwords and personal information. They disguise their intentions in a bogus email, which is allegedly sent by the game company or online casino. Naïve people will click on the links and submit the information required, assuming it is handled properly. The most important thing to do in order to stay safe when playing mobile slot games is to be extra careful with the emails you receive and the links you clicked. It is always recommended to get in touch with the company support by live chat, email or phone, just to stay on the safe side.

Viruses come in all shapes and forms

Commonly referred to as malware, viruses, Trojans, worms and malicious code, they affect millions of people every day. Some are more difficult to the fact that others and the level of damage they inflict also varies greatly. Hackers create them and then use the systems vulnerability to infiltrate these viruses, to take control of the victims’ device. They can steal sensitive data, lock people out of their computers and cause all sorts of harm, unless detected early. The obvious solution to deal with these threats is to install a solid antivirus program and a reliable anti-malware solution on the gadget used routinely.

Don’t be lazy when choosing a password

People are usually at their most vulnerable, precisely when they feel secure. This is what weak passwords do every day to people who are either too lazy or unaware of the dangers of creating a simple password. Cyber criminals use trial and error methods, which are commonly referred to as brute force attempts to break these barriers. The weaker the password, the less time it takes for the bad guys to break through, so one should do everything in one’s power to avoid using weak passwords. The alternatives are numerous and range from using a password generator to simply devising a strong password with special characters.

By keeping these three things in mind, one can greatly reduce the risks of becoming the victims of hackers. Keeping your gaming accounts secure isn’t rocket science and the benefits are tremendous.

Would the Esports’ Industry be as popular without the help of Youtube and Twitch?

The popularity of esports have skyrocketed in recent years and it is largely down to vast improvements in the technology that underpins gaming. Competitive gaming could only begin in earnest when high-speed broadband was rolled out across the globe and the rise of social media has turned leading players into superstars. Yet the most important development for esports was the advent of streaming platforms, a field dominated by Twitch and YouTube. We now live in a world where fans pack into stadiums to watch CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL tournaments unfold, but streaming has helped esports reach a global audience of more than 300 million people and that has turned it into a juggernaut.

Esports without YouTube and Twitch would be like gin without tonic or Tom without Jerry. Some people enjoy drinking neat gin, but it would have niche appeal without the ubiquitous mixer. A few people might watch Tom going about his daily business, but the masses want to see a psychotic mouse terrorising him with all manner of sharp household objects. Esports owes a great deal of its appeal to Twitch and YouTube, but those platforms have done extremely well on the back of competitive gaming too, so it is very much a mutually beneficial relationship.

Twitch was only launched in 2011 but it coincided perfectly with esports’ rise to prominence. It quickly became the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers allowing millions of fans from across the globe to interact and share in a mutual passion for gaming. Professional sports stars are the cream of the crop in this respect and their exploits have formed some of the most popular streams. Yet there are also plenty of streamers, like Ninja, that have thrived through sheer force of personality as much as any actual gaming ability.

Its success inspired the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, to snap it up in a $970 million deal back in 2014. That is now looking like an inspired piece of business from Jeff Bezos’ firm, as Twitch is currently valued at around $4 billion and that figure is constantly climbing. Users racked up more than 10 billion viewing hours over the past 12 months and that is up by more than a third on a year-on-year basis. Gamers love watching fellow enthusiasts in action, and Twitch’s popularity is understandable, but the rise of competitive, organized gaming tournaments has clearly helped it grow.

For example, more than 200 million people streamed the 2018 League of Legends World Championship final, as Chinese team Fnatic beat Invictus to seize glory. Betting on esports tournaments is now a huge, multibillion industry in its own right – if you check out the esports odds then you will see just how many markets are offered on a huge range of games, from CS:GO to Tekken – and these bettors enjoy watching the action unfold live from the comfort of their own homes. This has all helped fuel the growth of esports and of Twitch.

However, it has certainly not had everything its own way. YouTube was clearly an established site well before competitive gaming took off, but it has done a good job. of muscling in and carving out a strong share of the market for itself. It is interesting to note that they are owned by two of the world’s biggest tech giants in Amazon and Google. Yet Amazon is principally a retailer, this is more of Google’s field of expertise, so it is easy to see why YouTube is catching up on Twitch.

Gaming is actually the one area of online video in which YouTube is not the market leader, but YouTube Gaming is rapidly catching up on the more established Twitch. Many people prefer Twitch as it is a specialist gaming platform that takes the industry very seriously, but others argue that YouTube’s algorithm is more effective and the site is easier to use. The potential audience reach is also a lot larger on YouTube, although it is not necessarily populated by dedicated gaming aficionados.

Yet they both remain strong platforms for streaming live gaming and the esports sector has massively benefited from the arms race between the pair of them. YouTube and Twitch now compete for streaming rights at big tournaments, and this allows organizers like FACEIT to command higher prices for the content they create. This filters down to franchises and players, making the overall pursuit of esports a lot more lucrative. Wagering rises, more sponsorship deals are tied up and it becomes a cycle of boom thanks to the competition between YouTube and Twitch.

Esports surely would not be the global phenomenon that it is without these platforms. However, they are driven by viewer demand, and if they did not exist something else would have sprung up instead. In fact, several rivals to Twitch and YouTube are emerging – Mixer is just one example of a new breed of streaming sites that bring gamers together – and that all points to a very healthy future for the esports scene.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud Could Succeed for This One Key Reason

One of the major gaming news stories out of 2018 was when Microsoft announced Project xCloud. Microsoft’s very own game streaming solution hopes to bring console and PC games to mobile devices, allowing people to enjoy the games and franchises that they love any time, anywhere, and from any platform.

It’s an ambitious project and one that will require a significant undertaking and investment from Microsoft to make happen. However, if Microsoft puts in the time and resources, Project xCloud could succeed and it’s all for one simple reason.

Why Project xCloud is Poised for Success

Spoiler alert: that simple reason is accessibility. Project xCloud is Microsoft’s effort to reach out to mobile gamers specifically. While its own mobile operating system and devices have been a glorious failure, according to The Verge, by addressing the real interest in playing console-quality games on mobile devices and making it easy to do just that, Microsoft may have tapped into a gold mine.

Admittedly, Microsoft is a little late to the party as other developers and publishers in gaming have already made significant efforts to appeal to the mobile gaming market. In the traditional gaming space, Fortnite developer Epic Games has made its hit multiplayer title available on mobile devices and it has enabled cross-platform play (play with people on all platforms) as well. In the casino sector, online casinos such as CasinoCruise have tried to offer all of their games – including slots, table games, and roulette games – on mobile as well. Mobile casino apps generally offer all of these games in one place and are well-optimized too, meaning that players get the same experience no matter what platform they’re playing on. If Microsoft is able to deliver such an experience in making its Windows PC and Xbox One games available on mobile, then it could benefit similarly.

How Microsoft Has Already Embraced Accessibility

Microsoft has already made a real effort to embrace accessibility and recent moves by the company show just how important it is to its business to get everyone playing. WIRED shines a light on the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a peripheral that allows those with disabilities that limit their mobility to enjoy games. There are an estimated 30 million disabled gamers in the United States alone, according to that report, making it a smart business decision as much as it is a step forward for inclusivity.

Additionally, Microsoft offers programs such as the Xbox Game Pass – an all-you-can-eat feast of games offered with a monthly (or annual) subscription – as well as Xbox Play Anywhere which gives you a copy of a game on Xbox One if you own it on PC or vice versa. These services and Project xCloud reflect a willingness to adapt to the changing ways in which people are enjoying their games.

Project xCloud is still a while away from launching but, from what Microsoft has revealed, things are incredibly promising. Many will be interested in seeing what other accessibility-focused features the company is able to come up with next.

5 Tips for a Successful Gameplay Channel

Are you an expert gamer who is often asked for tips and suggestions on gaming? That’s awesome! But isn’t it tiring to explain the same tips and suggestions to each of your friends or newbie gamers individually? It is. The smartest solution here is to create a gameplay channel where you can demonstrate the gameplay and offer tips via recorded gameplay videos. This way, anyone who needs tips on gaming will get easy access to your gameplay and related suggestions. Besides, you will be relieved from explaining the same thing to each new gamer individually.

The post below offers expert tips on creating a successful gameplay channel.

Invest in a good gameplay recorder

You must be wondering how to record your gameplay while you are gaming on your computer. Well, you have screen recorder programs today that can record your screen activities and create a video out of them. But you should take a comparative survey on 3-4 screen recording programs before you make the final call. Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be a trusted solution here. Movavi is an internationally reputed software developer and its screen capture program can be easily used for live gameplay recording. The program also supports video editing and converting functions.

Make engaging videos

The best engaging videos are those that can portray a realistic ambience for the viewers. For example, when you are recording the gameplay, you can keep your computer webcam on. It will enable you to capture your expressions and excitement while playing the game. Your winning smile when you overcome a tough obstacle or your sigh when you lose a level is important to set an engrossing atmosphere for the viewers. It will make them feel you are playing sitting next to them only. And this feel of closeness will boost your viewership and subscriber base big time.

Post regularly

There are tens and hundreds of gameplay channels online. If you really want to secure an edge over the competition, you have to be regular with your posts in the channel. Try to post 3-4 gameplay videos every week. Your gameplay channel should also house your expert reviews on latest games.

Include CTA

If you are looking to monetize through your gameplay channel on YouTube, you will have to gather minimum 1,000 subscribers & 4,000 hours of viewing within a year. And that calls for inspiring your viewers for increased share of your videos and steady clicks on “subscribe” button. But you have to remind your viewers of shares, subscription, likes and comments every time they watch your video. So, after you finish the gameplay, keep 5-7 seconds for the request of subscription, likes and shares.

Interact with viewers

Regular interaction with viewers is essential to keep your gameplay channel active. Respond as fast as possible whenever you see a comment on your video. If someone shows appreciation for your gameplay demos, thank the person and encourage him/her to check out further videos. If someone wants to start a conversation regarding a specific aspect of your video, encourage it and actively participate in the conversation.

Final words

Your job does not end with posting your videos on your gameplay channel. You should take steps to share and distribute it through various avenues. Embed them on your website and you should also share them on your social media profiles for maximum reach.

The top casino-themed Xbox One games

Since the 17th century, casino games have excited and engaged in equal measure. Fast forward to the present day and it is clear to see that casino action is still an adrenaline-fuelled gaming genre. Although video games console developers have not yet been able to create out-and-out real-money casino games for their customers, they have been able to incorporate the casino theme into many of the leading video game titles.

Casinos are so accessible both online and offline today. It’s easy to sit down with a cup of tea and a laptop and fire up a game of online blackjack or roulette. In fact, it’s easier to do this than get into your car or hop on a train to your nearest brick-and-mortar casino. Although land-based casinos are often open 24/7, the ability to get your casino fix on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or even your games console could be the death knell for physical casino floors.

You only have to look at this review of Spin Palace to understand that iGaming customers are treated far better than most brick-and-mortar casinos, with welcome bonuses of up to $1,000 on offer for signing up and making real-money deposits. However, for those that like the vibe and atmosphere of a casino but don’t want to have to spend real money on playing casino games should check out the following Xbox One games that are influenced by the land-based casino scene.

Red Dead Redemption

Although Red Dead Redemption is not strictly a casino-focused game, there are strong casino elements within its gameplay. The AI are by no means stupid when it comes to playing high-stakes poker, so don’t think that you can simply bluff the computer with every hand. Where this video game differs from a civilised poker game experience is that you can control your character to physically intimidate your opponents into letting you win!

Pure Hold’em

This Texas Hold’em video game is available to play offline on Xbox One and online as part of the Xbox Live multiplayer. The action is split across six different poker tables, with the stakes – and skill – rising with every table. You’ll begin your quest for poker glory at the Jokers table on the ground floor of this contemporary virtual casino. Once you get the hang of your opponents, you’ll be able to work your way through the tables before reaching the exclusive VIP penthouse where the stakes are highest.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots

This game, also available on Xbox One, has become one of the most popular virtual casino games of this generation. It has been developed almost as a massively multiplayer online game, where players can create their own unique avatars and meet other players from around the world in networked casino games. It offers all of the social benefits of visiting land-based casinos, with the chance to play a wealth of table games with people from all four corners of the world.

Whether you’re playing for real money or that much-vaunted ego boost, the casino genre remains one of the most engaging themes among today’s video game developers. In the years to come, the advent of virtual reality could create virtual casino games where players don’t even need to leave their home to get the feeling of being inside a land-based casino.

Wagering is Set to Boost the eSports Industry

For non-video gaming types, the concept of betting on eSports may seem a little strange at first. In fact, the idea that video gaming can be a competitive spectator sport still bemuses some, despite the fact top players have been competing against each other in organised events for some time.

But the reality is that eSports has grown from small groups of friends playing each other online in the small hours to a fully regulated global industry that is growing at a rapid rate.

As soon as gaming gained traction as a spectator sport, it was only a matter of time before the betting industry started to take notice. And over the last few years, more and more top bookmakers have started offering odds on top eSports events, while we’ve also seen some dedicated eSports betting sites popping up, too.

From underground to mainstream

With over 200 million players taking part in eSports every year and major tournaments such as the F1 New Balance eSports Series being broadcast live online and across top sports networks, eSports have already crossed the line into the mainstream. Enthusiasts who have their favourite games, tournaments and players can now wager on events in the same way they could with traditional sports.

This means that eSports betting opportunities can now be found alongside traditional sports betting markets at the top online bookmakers such as Paddy Power. While the number of markets offered is still limited, this is set to change as more high profile events are launched and the number of punters increases. There are various types of bets, too, with outrights only representing part of the market, accompanied by game-specific options such as number of kills and time completed.

More high profile events

In 2019, PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to register for the first ever ePremier League based on the FIFA 2019 game. The tournament gets underway in January with the finals in March to be broadcast live on Sky TV in the UK. It is expected that events like this will boost the profile of eSports to a new level and attract a whole new fan base.

Several professional sports teams including double FIFA eClub World Cup 2018 Champions, Brondby, already have eSports representatives competing at tournament level, and more are set to follow in 2019.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

As well as gamble on events, fans can also participate in Fantasy eSports games and create leagues, sign players and earn points based their players’ performances just as they would in traditional fantasy sports games.

With more and more betting companies getting involved, the revenue generated by eSports events is set to skyrocket. Gambling companies bring big bucks to the sporting world and the eSports scene will be no exception.

Best Free Bonuses and Games for Online Services

While demos of full games might not be as popular as they once were, the success of modern gaming has allowed for other opportunities even greater than those of the much loved shareware era. Today, there are many major game services which offer enormous freebees for their members, taking an extensive range of different shapes and forms.

Here we investigate some of the best of the past and present, to help you decide where you should look next in your quest for bonus potential.

Service Platforms

When we look at services as a platform for free games there are a few standouts, both on PC and Xbox online. In terms of PC perhaps the best established is that of Origin. Developed by Electronic Arts, this Steam competitor might not measure up to the dominance of Valve’s creation, but it is not without advantages of its own.

In the past, this has come in the form of full free games which have rotated in and out of availability. These included AAA games of both the old-school and modern ages, with the likes Theme Hospital and Mass Effect 2 standing out as our favorites.

Subnautica by mrwynd, on Flickr
Subnautica” (CC BY 2.0) by mrwynd Also hoping to make a mark against Steam is Epic Games’ platform.

Still young in its lifespan, their launcher sprinted out of the gates, offering the amazing survival game Subnautica for free, with hopefully more available in the future.

On the console front, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Games with Gold section of Xbox Live. Offering a wide selection of 360 and original Xbox games, Games with Gold has dropped such classics as Dead Space, Bayonetta, and Dark Souls in their constantly changing lineup.

Let�s Finish: Dark Souls - Episode 1 Cov by peacefulrespite, on Flickr
Let’s Finish: Dark Souls – Episode 1 Cov” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by peacefulrespite

It should also be noted that while free bonuses are often found within these console and PC games, there are other services such as Casumo which accomplish similar bonuses with very different platforms. 

These online casinos obviously don’t offer games for the same pricing structure as traditional video games, so instead their bonuses come in the form of free spins and matches on deposits. Sort of like the additional credit Xbox subscribers can get with larger deposits then, only supercharged.

Getting Physical

On the other side of the equation, we have bonuses of platforms and services which are tied to actual physical goods. While this is still in its infancy, the stage has so far been set with Steam and its in-home game-streaming device, the Steam-Link

Offering the ability to effectively play anything on your computer from anywhere else in your house, this is a device which offers an ability many of us have desired for years. Giving Steam members the ability to purchase this for just $2.50 was one of the biggest bargains we have ever seen, and we hope it sets a precedent for future physical good tie-ins.

Gaining (not just) Steam

A big part of the development when it comes to these bonuses is the threat of competition. While the market has been healthy in this regard on consoles for some time, on PC the situation has hardly been as diverse. With Steam only now facing down real competition, we can only hope that more free games, and a wider variety thereof, will become increasingly common in the future.

And hey, if not, we still have Xbox.