PAYDAY 2 gets b-side goodness


Overkill have revealed that as well as a main soundtrack release for PAYDAY 2, they will also be releasing a cool, cheap, B-sides album today.

B-sides, you say? But what could that include? Well, it contains all the incidental music from the micro sites, teasers, trailers, short films and such since the release of PAYDAY 2.

Does that mean even the Balkan folk music from “The Butcher”? Yes, yes it does.

These compositions have been gathered together because they didn’t fit into the regular PAYDAY 2 soundtrack and just like that original score, the B-side album will expand with new material as Overkill release more trailers and micro sites. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. What could be better? The fact that it’s only $1 perhaps, or the monetary equivalent in your own currency. Cheap at twice the price, and that’s cutting my own throat.

Also, composer Simon Viklund has produced this video on how you could be included in a future PAYDAY 2 music release. It’s simple, follow the instructions in the feature below. Get on it!