Peggle 2 Heading to Xbox 360


PEGI, the Pan European Game Information people have rated Peggle 2 for the Xbox 360! This means that the Xbox One digital title will be shortly making its way to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Peggle was such a hit on the Xbox 360 that this really comes as no surprise, however with the Xbox One edition featuring auto recording features and a whopping 1000 Gamerscore, the 360 edition is likely to have 400 Gamerscore and absolutely no way to record those amazing shots you drop! scored Peggle 2 a whopping 88%:

If you have never, ever played Peggle before, I can describe it best as a form of the old block smashing game Breakout combined with Pinball elements. Together this makes the ultimate fun arcade style points racking game with platformer style Master characters that add super abilities to your balls. As you start a game your screen is filled with a combination of coloured pegs whilst you have limited balls, the aim is to clear all orange pegs (although they look more red) whilst all other blue pegs on screen add to your points and help with skill shots.

Although no official date has been announced, we’ll keep you posted when it drops on the Marketplace.

Source: PEGI

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