Peggle 2 Lands on Xbox 360 May 7

peggle 2

PopCap Games has today confirmed that Peggle 2 is coming for the Xbox 360 on May 7th worldwide. Not only will the game include the lovable Peggle Masters that players have gotten a chance to work alongside, but the Xbox 360 version will have multiplayer Duel Mode so players can challenge their friends on the couch or online.

Peggle 2 has become more magical with the first installment of downloadable content available today for Xbox One, the all-in-one games entertainment system from Microsoft, which features the awesome multiplayer Duel Mode – a profound new experience that’s completely and utterly free. In a smart match, a private match or just relaxing on the couch, players can now compete against each other on the same board and take turns shooting pegs and demolishing bricks in an ultimate test of Peggle skill. Which mighty Peggle Master will you pick? And who will reach the heights of Extreme Fever first? You’ll have to play Duel Mode to find out!

ThisisXbox scored Peggle 2 on Xbox One 88%:

If you have never, ever played Peggle before, I can describe it best as a form of the old block smashing game Breakout combined with Pinball elements. Together this makes the ultimate fun arcade style points racking game with platformer style Master characters that add super abilities to your balls. As you start a game your screen is filled with a combination of coloured pegs whilst you have limited balls, the aim is to clear all orange pegs (although they look more red) whilst all other blue pegs on screen add to your points and help with skill shots. In between the mass of orange and blue pegs are green pegs that once smashed will activate your Masters special abilities for a limited time – and purple pegs that boost your points.

Just as in the classic original, Peggle 2 combines elements of pinball, pachinko and billiards and adds liberal doses of whimsy, fun, excitement and challenge – not to mention rainbows and a fifth of Beethoven.

Peggle 2 will be available for Xbox 360 starting on May 7th in North America and in Europe.

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