Penarium set to be released from the traps


Some days, I think I’m being slowly transported back to the early ’90s, one game at a time. Back in March at EGX Rezzed Microsoft announced a host of ID@Xbox titles that would be coming soon. Penarium was one of those titles and it’s finally had a release date. From what I’ve seen of this in action, it looks very retro. Sort of like Chuck Rock in massive contraption of death and gore.

The star of this entertainment is Willy. Willy looks like the kind of hero you’d see in a Wayans brother comedy, with his belly hanging over his waistband and his shirt being too short. You can’t help feeling sorry for him really. Developers, Self Made Miracle along with digital publisher Team 17 have it in for Willy. He’s going to die in many interesting but mainly painful looking ways.

There’s not just a solo campaign in this action platforming comic gore-fest though, it will also feature multiplayer co-op and player vs player action. The action is all pixels though, right up veterans Team 17’s death trap.

Penarium is coming to an Xbox One on the 22nd of September, check out the trailer below.

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