Peter Moore to leave EA for role at Liverpool

In a surprise announcement last night, it was revealed the Peter Moore, chief competition officer at Electronic Arts, will move to Liverpool to join the club in the summer as their new CEO. His nearly 10 years at EA have seen him in a number of leadership positions, including chief operating officer and president of EA SPORTS.

Moore has previously held senior roles with Microsoft, SEGA and Reebok. The announcement came after Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to Leicester (LOL), EA also released a statement.

Peter will leave an incredible legacy.  Peter led our sports business to some of its biggest moments as President of EA SPORTS.  As our Chief Operating Officer, he helped us navigate the transformation of our company and the evolution of our business in a digital world.  In the past year as Chief Competition Officer, he has driven EA’s rapid expansion in competitive gaming.  Above all, through his time at EA, Microsoft and Sega, Peter has been a statesman and advocate for our industry.

TiX wishes Peter all the best in his new role, even though his choice of team is a bit pants.

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