Pixel Piracy raiding Xbox One in February


You’ve played Terraria, right? It’s sort of addictive in a little pixel character doing lots of different tasks kind of way. But that character was never a pirate, were they? No. Well, now, thanks to 505 Games and Terraria developer, Re-logic, you can be.

Coming to Xbox One on the 16th of February, Pixel Piracy takes the pixelated world one step further. You control a pirate captain, free to roam and have swashbuckling adventures in the game as you have no set quests to fulfill. Build your very own ship and outfit her with a crew worthy of the name pirate. Keep an eye on their vitals though, a hungry pirate is a useless pirate.

Plunder and capture enemy ships and raid wild islands for more loot than your hold can carry. Be careful though, your captain can be killed by hunger or enemies and at higher levels, by cats and chickens.

Get set for an adventure on the high-seas, but always remember pirate rule number 37; ship happens.

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