A Pixel Story coming to Xbox One this Summer

Rising Star Games have announced that they will be publishing the BAFTA-nominated A Pixel Story for Xbox One as a digital release this summer.

Pixel Story

The Puzzle-platformer, A Pixel Story, was released last year on PC to critical acclaim and tells an intriguing tale set against a visual backdrop that charts the evolution of video games. You’ll journey from 8-bit pixel art to current-gen graphical splendor, as you play through this lovingly-crafted celebration of gaming’s history.

Your epic quest to reach the core of The System becomes increasingly more detailed and complicated, and ever-more perilous, tasking you to test the mystical powers afforded to you by your Magical Teleportation Hat.

Expect gaming and pop culture references galore as you immerse yourself in A Pixel Story’s colourful world, traversing six large free-form zones and interacting with a diverse range of NPCs in order to stop the evil OS from destroying the universe.

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