Plague Inc. Evolved review

Plague Inc Evolved has a simple yet sinister premiss – how quickly can you infect the world? With a main game, multiple scenarios and a competitive speed run to choose from, biological warfare has never been so safe to fiddle with.


The game itself can be played on a variety of difficulties, with casual difficulty aimed at those wanting a quick fix of causing death and misery in the world. The difficulty increases steadily over four difficulties, up to Mega Brutal where your disease will have a harder time spreading and doctors are more likely to research ways to destroy it.

To experiment with the ‘fun’ diseases you must first destroy the world by infecting it with simple bacteria. You can genetically modify your base germ, although to start with these will be locked, you need to prove yourself in biowarfare first. To spread, multiply and kill – writing that is so wrong – you have to evolve your disease by collecting DNA strands that periodically appear over the world. This is the game’s currency, and you can invest the points into various aspects of your disease, from transmission and symptoms to special abilities that it might posses.


Time can be paused or sped up, and as it passes you can see how your disease spreads and how successful it is at penetrating certain countries – you then need to decide how you evolve the disease so it can survive harsh climates or penetrate distant countries. It’s a game of strategy, although I never felt like I grasped the strategies or felt comfortable with the game.

I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that the game played haphazardly and if you made the wrong choice, and the random number generator went against you, you could end up with your disease dying off naturally when the infected died from their symptoms – this is where you need to be up on what types of symptoms kill and which ones cause infection. Each disease can be devolved, prolonging the lives of those infected, but this can mean that a cure can be found before the world is destroyed – science wins, you lose.

I found Plague Inc. Evolved to be a rather disturbing game that I never felt too happy playing – it has some interesting ideas, including amusing diseases and scenarios, and you can attempt to disrupt world events with your disease or even make the US nuke China! The problem is, I just didn’t like playing a game where to win I had to make the world’s population drop down dead from horrendous diseases and vile symptoms – I think is it safe to assume that if you are considering playing Plague Inc. Evolved, then you are of a certain disposition!

Thanks to Xbox and Ndemic Creations for their support

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