Planetary Shield Hits The Indie Games Channel

poster planetary

After the launching for Android, Planetary Shield now comes to the Indie Games section of the Xbox 360 from Axouxere Games. With Planetary Shield you will test your skills to save the planet and the human race. You can play alone or with a friend and protect the Earth!

Planetary Shield is a game of skill in which you must destroy all the meteorites before they impact on Earth and weaken its shields to destruction. But your mission is not just to destroy the meteors, you also have to cover and maneuver rescue ships fleeing from Earth. Your armament is a ball of energy generated between two satellites. You can also get items that will help you in your mission, such as a missile that destroys the nearby meteorites, an object that repairs your shield, or another that makes you invulnerable for a limited time.

The Planetary Shield operation has begun! Out now for 80 MS Points.

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