PlayStation unveil the ‘Pro’ Nacon Revolution 2 controller

PlayStation has unveiled a new ‘pro’ controller for the PS4, but while it looks nice, it barely holds a light to Microsoft’s vastly superior Elite controller.

The officially licensed pad includes an improved customisation software UI, a new wired connection, the option to tweak the dead zone and response curves of the left and right sticks, and the options to use the dpad at either 4 or 8 direction setups – perfect for fighting games.

With SCUF offering paddles that allow your resting fingers to play a role in the action, rather than taking away control from the sticks, I’m clueless as to why PlayStation haven’t addressed this head on and worked to either produce their own solution or to encourage their licensees to develop a solution – take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book…


The Nacon Revolution 2 will be available in September 2017.

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