Pneuma: Breath of Life reveals new gameplay trailer


Back in August last year, we brought you news of ID@Xbox game, Pneuma: Breath of Life, a stunning first person puzzler that looks to re-ignite the genre on next gen consoles.

Ahead of a planned 27th of February release, this puzzler is from UK based developer, Deco Digital and Bevel Studios.

The idea is the manipulate your surroundings, in a God-like manner, by looking at curious symbols scattered around the locations. Don’t think linear in this one though, or you might find yourself stuck. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but how you approach something in this Unreal Engine based game.

The gameplay and puzzle-solving isn’t the only strangeness that happens with Pneuma though, as the developers have revealed that the God in question, voiced by Jay Britton, is an homage to the one and only Rik Mayall, sporting an inner monologue that a Mayall creation would be proud of.

Here’s the new gameplay trailer to feast your eyes on.

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