Port Royale 3 – Harbour Master DLC Out Now


Kalypso Media has announced the availability of new add-on content for Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants on the Xbox 360. Adding new buildings, decorative objects, an economic advisor and more for just 400 Microsoft Points.

Enhance Port Royale 3 with six completely new building types, several decorative objects for your cities and gain access to an economic adviser, who will give you useful hints. In addition, you will now have more control over the defence of your cities and you will be able to build your own ships!


  • Build your own ships!
  • An economic adviser to assist players in making financial choices
  • Six new buildings (including embassy, fire department and more)
  • Decorative objects such as plants, statues and various types of street coverings
  • More control over city defensive lines

Grab the new add-on content and choose your path to glory – will you be an adventurer or a merchant? The choice is yours in Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants!

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