Possible Modern Warfare 4 Golden Gate Bridge Chapter

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This week in Arizona, a behind-closed-doors PlayStation 4 event took place where publishers showcased some of this years top titles to major retailers. It was said that among the games line-up was this years Call of Duty from Sledgehammer Games, the next entry in the Modern Warfare series. Twitter user Lokiolr relayed what he was told from his boss who could have blatently ignored his non-disclosure agreement!

Some of the other quotes are below:

Got the rundown from my boss on some Destination Playstation stuff. New Call Of Duty sounds awesome.

One scene he described took place on the Golden Gate bridge. He couldn’t remember the game’s subtitle but he thinks it was “Black Smith”.

Said it looks really realistic with great physics. I’m guessing the “Black Smith” title is the internal name. Like Titan was for Black Ops 2

Also it’s the next entry in the Modern Warfare series apparently. I wish I had gone, I would have retained the info better.

Of course, Modern Warfare 4 has been long rumoured since October 2012 – but when official announcements are in from Sledgehammer and or Activision, we’ll keep you loyal readers posted!

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  • Jim

    This will probably be a rip off of the MW2 bridge Special Ops mission

  • Austin Frantz

    Ugh! Why mw4?? And why is it gonna take place in America again? Can’t they think of something more unique. And a different time period. Like why not the 90s or 70s.

  • Have to admit, yes a different time period would be good – especially 90’s… maybe Gulf War related…

  • So this turned out to be true… nice, and it was Advanced Warfare… I’m happy with Advanced Warfare 🙂