Prepare to be Slain!


I make no apology for the fact that I’m an old-time gamer. I love the look and feel of the games that many of you won’t remember. Games like the immensely enjoyable Ghosts N Goblins, a side-scrolling hack n slash platformer, stir my memories like great rippling eddies in my gaming mind. There has to be something out there that appeals to this side of my gaming persona, surely? Yes. Yes there is. It comes to me, almost willingly, in the form of Slain!

Our very own Kris introduced us to Slain! in issue 3 of his crowd-funding spotlight last week. Now, Wolf Brew Games have released the official announcement trailer, and it greatly appeals to my nostalgic gaming nature.

You play as Bathoryn, a lycanthropic hero in a gothic world as he seeks to liberate 7 great towers from 7 deadly overlords. Battle through the towers and defeat the end of level overlord to progress. The game is inspired by the likes of Shadow of the Beast, Golden Axe and Altered Beast, all incidentally, games from my youth and fondly remembered.

If you’re a fan of pixel-driven gore and simple, hacking playability, you’re going to love Slain! It looks great, and it looks like it plays great. Have a look, finally, and see for yourself. Sure, it’s not going to offer the graphics of a game like Dying Light, but it might be just as enjoyable.

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