Prepare yourself for The Technomancer


Spiders Games and Focus Home Interactive have today announced a new post-apocalyptic RPG, set in a cyberpunk world for Xbox One.

The Technomancer will be set on Mars during the War of Water, building on Spiders’ efforts with Mars: War Logs, and pits an aspiring Technomancer against the demons of his past, as he tries to forge himself a future.  The game will offer players action-oriented combat gameplay along four different skill trees, with three fighting styles and the destructive electric-focused Technomancer powers. The Technomancer will also feature some dynamic dialogue-based situations too, so you don’t need to rely on your brute strength to get through all of the game.

Facing the harsh realities of Mars, on the run from the Secret Police, you are taken on a journey through the tribal communities, lost cities under ice and dystopian shanty towns spread far and wide across the Red Planet’s surface.


The Technomancer will allow you to form bonds with companions and find out details about their past, to manage their inventory and level your companions up. It promises to offer you up to five different endings, depending on your in-game choices, and a dynamic crafting system that evolves the abilities and look of your weapons and armour.

The Technomancer is staring at a 2016 release and we’ll endeavour to bring you more news on this exciting new RPG as it comes in.

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