Be Prepared for Xbox One X on your Xbox NOW!

With the launch of the new dashboard you too can be ready for the Xbox One X when it launches on November 7th.

First of all, I would strongly advise the use of an external USB hard-drive. It will be the quickest way to transfer your games to the new machine. If not, Xbox have detailed the network transfer method for you.

There is now an option within the settings of the new dashboard to start downloading the 4K texture packs before the X arrives. Simply do the below!

  • Goto Settings, System, Backup and Transfer
  • Then click the options box that says “Download 4K Game Content”

Voila! It’s that simples!

There is a way you can check to see whether these have been downloaded as part of an update.

Simply select the game in “My Games and Apps” and press LB, RB, Menu and View simultaneously. This will bring up a text screen with all manner of info on it. Look for where it says “Assets Installed” and you should see reference to “Scorpio” or “X” next to it.

You can also select games in the “My Games and Apps” section to filter by Xbox One X enhanced games. We are still in the early days of these 4K updates rolling out, so be patient as good things come to those who wait!

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