Project Knoxville gets your vote

project knoxville

A while back Press Play gave the community a choice of three gaming concepts to choose from, only one of which would be taken forwards to be refined and released later as a finished product. You have voted for Project Knoxville and it is going forward to the next step. Knoxville is a game that features seven contestants and seven ‘get out alive’ tokens, you can work with or against people around to ensure they make it out alive or stay in with the deadly monsters populating the world.

This was my front running choice of the three games we saw and I cannot wait to see the end product. On Thursday September 17th Press Play will launch their first bi-weekly Twitch Stream join them at 8am New York/ 2PM Copenhagen time to get the chance to talk to with some of the design team as well as receiving a look at some of their design processes.


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