Project S wireless racing wheel to be revealed at E3?

Will a new Xbox One wireless racing wheel be heading to Xbox One courtesy of an E3 announcement? According to IGN it could be. The Project S wireless racing wheel is being created by the makers of the updated Xbox One version of the Duke controller – Hyperkin – and will connect via the “Xbox’s wireless chip” and charges via a docking station included with the wheel.

While the source is cited as anonymous, a wireless wheel isn’t a completely random announcement, Microsoft released a U-shaped wireless racing wheel for the Xbox 360, which was announced to coincide with the release of Forza Motorsport – could the Project S be linked to a new Forza at E3? It wouldn’t surprise me and given that Hyperkin were allowed to recreate the Xbox Duke controller for the Xbox One, this could be a good shout from IGN’s ‘anonymous’ source.

Project S wireless racing wheel

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