Project Spark Beta on Xbox One Next Week?

Project Spark Beta on Xbox One Next Week?


Not exactly concrete proof, but incidentally it may be the only proof we need that Project Spark will enter a Beta phase on the Xbox One from as early as (drum roll) next week! Responding to eager gamers on Twitter, Phil Spencer outed that it was due next week, however the exact date was not confirmed by the official Project Spark Twitter account, but was later confirmed as “Close though” from a dev on Team Dakota, the developers of Project Spark. Have you got the gist of all that twitter trailing?

Here are the trail of tweets in question:

Project Spark is the really creative looking, upcoming free-to-play game from Team Dakota, that will not require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription! The game where you get to creatively make your own interactive environments will be free for everyone on Xbox LIVE!

If the Project Spark Xbox One Beta is out next week after all, we’ll keep you posted!

Thanks: TotalXbox