Pure Pool – Snooker DLC review

Mr Richard Berry and myself have spent a fair bit of time playing Pure Pool, it’s one of those games that’s perfect for a lazy hour. The chilled out environment, sexy lounge music and a game that is simple enough to play. When I say simple, it is for me, as I’m great at pool and when I talk about the chilled environment, it is, except for the tones of rage coming from Rich’s headset as another cue ball ends up in the bar…

That has all changed thanks to the newly released Snooker DLC, all of a sudden the rage is coming from my headset while Berry thinks he is the next Ronnie O’Sullivan. The first three frames backed this up as he battered me three-nil!

Great for him, not for me. Anyway, I digress. The DLC is exactly what you expect from Ripstone, it looks good and plays really well, abeit a few niggles. While taking shots you can stand back to plan your shot but you can’t move round the table fully, which would make things much easier. Also a top down view would be nice but for the sake of realism I can let that one slide.

It’s also a bit of a shame you can’t set up a league against your friends, which is always good for bragging rights. The DLC does follow on from the game in terms of presentation, the snooker tvake gets its own room ¬†away from the pool tables, complete with house band but it’s the same music from the main game. Rather oddly the cue ball seems to have a pink tint to it, possibly because of the lighting, it’s a bit off-putting but not a major problem. We also noticed that a few times the game suggested that one of us had been snookered when in fact we hadn’t.

The best way to show off the game is through the medium of video, below you’ll see Rich and I battle it out over three frames, who will win? Watch and find out!

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Thanks to Ripstone for supporting TiX

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