Q*Bert REBOOTED is heading to Xbox One

Q*Bert REBOOTED is heading to Xbox One


Back when I was ( a lot ) younger, there emerged a lovable little character named Q*Bert. Your task, controlling it, was to guide the two-legged creature around an isometric gaming board with the aim of changing the colours on all the tiles. This was made more difficult by the introduction of random enemies. Touch them and poor Q*Bert expired.

After a long hiatus, Q*Bert is returning. LOOT Interactive are publishing GPC Games’ reboot of this smashing little puzzler on Xbox One on the 12th of February. Not only will you get an updated version of this arcade classic, but there will also be a faithful reproduction of the original title, in all it’s glory.

Already released on that other console, the Xbox One edition will benefit from enhanced gameplay, five new playable characters and an all-new soundtrack from EDM superstar EnV!

Have a look at this short trailer to give you an idea what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t pick it up, for it’s bargain price of £7.99