Quake 4 Getting Re-Released After 7yrs

Quake 4 Getting Re-Released After 7yrs

Bethesda’s Quake 4 was first released at retail on November 2005 around the launch of the first wave of Xbox 360 consoles, but with the success of the console between then and now – the game is set for a re-launch to target gamers who might have missed, forgotten or be completely unaware of the games existence on the Xbox 360.

The current generation of home consoles is the longest period between current and next-gen, and with the growing popularity of the Xbox 360 S console, there are gamers out there who might never appreciate some of the original Xbox 360 titles released just a few years short of a decade ago!

With a re-release, you might be expecting a few tweaks or improvements – but with Quake 4 that’s not the case as it is just a re-run of the original game. Expected to retail at $19.99 when it hits stores in North America on 19th June 2012, it’s also not known if this release will heading to Europe.

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