Quarrel on Xbox LIVE Arcade Next Week

UTV Ignition Games, together with developer Denki, has announced that  Quarrel will be released on Xbox Live Arcade on 25th January 2012.

Already released on iOS devices to great critical acclaim, Quarrel is now set to ana-gram-a-ding-dong in the Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 arena. The game combines the need for quick thinking, dictionary smarts, and a lot of guile. Whether you choose speed and fast reactions or slow methodical planning, the key to success is in the players’ control. Quarrel takes place on islands where two, three or four forces battle for total control of each island, which is split into territories – twelve levels across four differently themed environments. The aim of the game is simply to take over all the territories.

Success is achieved by creating the best scoring word from a selection of letters – each with a designated value. The length of the word you can make depends on how many troops you have on each territory. In the case of a tie, whoever made their word fastest is the victor. Deciding whether to attack, defend, retreat, transfer troops around, or reinforce your armies, while successfully winning the ongoing word challenges, will win the day.

Quarrel features full multiplayer for up to 4 players where you can take on your friends online.


  • Collins Official SCRABBLE Dictionary (2nd Edition 2007 © HarperCollins Publishers 2005, 2007)
  • Social network features including Leaderboards / Achievements / In-Game messaging and Voice Chat
  • MS Avatar Support
  • Online 1-4 Player Multiplayer
  • All-new Single-Player Challenge Mode.

Quarrel will be priced at 400 MS Points.

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