Rainbow Six Siege gets mid season reinforcements

Ubisoft have created a swanky website detailing the Mid Season Reinforcements for Rainbow Six Siege – to you and I – this is a posh way of saying a new patch is heading to Siege.

The Mid-Season Reinforcements are arriving with force and introducing several changes to three Operators, new gadgets, new attachments, weapon balancing, and many bug fixes. You can expect these kinds of updates for future seasons as we try to implement changes we think will help improve the game, while incorporating feedback from the community. The Mid-Season Reinforcements arrive on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

The three operators in question are Twitch, Blackbeard and Doc, with Twitch receiving quiet the upgrade to her shock drone making them far more effective. Meanwhile, Blackbeard has been nerfed somewhat with his shield HP being slashed from 800-150HP. The good news is that he now has two shields so if lose one, you can cycle to the backup – apparently this has been implemented so that Blackbeard players use the shield more tactically rather than just equipping it for the duration of each match. Doc has seen an overhaul of his stim pistol allowing healing and over healing to be achieved. The pistol can still be used to revive DBNO players too.

Good tweaks? Not so sure about Blackbeard, but I agree that his shield was far too OP.

New gadgets, attachments and various loadout, gameplay and balancing are detailed on the official page for the Mid Season Reinforcements. Lock and Load.

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