Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera Outbreak Full Reveal

It’s been teased for a while and now, at the Rainbow 6 Invitational in Montreal, the full details of the co-op Outbreak mode has been revealed. We have already seen the reveal of the two new operators but now we know what’s facing us in this new game mode. Outbreak is a limited time event, starting on March 6th, running for four weeks, and is a three person co-op mode similar to Terrorist Hunt but with alien-like mutants instead of Terrorists.

Outbreak takes place in the town of Truth and Consequence in New Mexico where a lost Soviet space capsule has crash landed, bringing an alien parasite to earth. The town has been cordoned off, and it’s up to your team to clear the enemies out. There are 5 different enemy types, from the human like “grunts” to the behemoth that is the “Smasher”. There are also three maps for Outbreak – Hospital, Junkyard and Resort.

But you won’t be able to use all of the Rainbow 6 operators, with it limited to just the eleven featured in the image below. Outbreak will feature two difficulty levels, Normal and Pandemic, with Pandemic being a much more realistic game mode with friendly fire being turned on, as well as giving you more enemies to deal with.

The demo shown on stage at the invitational saw Tachanka, Smoke and Buck clearing a map of enemies, whilst also completing objectives. Defensive strategies will also need to be used, reinforcing walls and doors as you go, as certain stages turn into a Horde-mode experience where defense is as important as attack, especially as some enemy types have a Thermite-like power to take down your barricades.

The TiX team will be all over this in March, so please keep an eye on our YouTube channel and Mixer to see how we get on. I imagine we will die A LOT!