Rainbow Six Siege – Operation White Noise revealed

The latest update for TiX favourite Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed at the Pro League finals in Brazil. The latest update for Season 2 features a new map and three new operators.

Descend on Mok Myeok, a staggering communications and observation tower in Seoul, South Korea. The tower brushes the clouds and overlooks the entire cityscape, a marvel of futuristic construction. Inside, traditional Korean architecture meets contemporary style: Tea rooms and lounges furnished in wood and homespun motifs, and bright and sleek modern offices. Art Director Gregory Fromenteau explained, “We are always looking to have contrast in the maps. Modern and old school, the duality of styles.”
Unfortunately, Mok Myeok is under attack, the sins of its corrupt CEO being laid bare. You must fight your way through the restaurant, nightclub, art gallery, and offices of the tower’s floors.
The first element the team wanted to take advantage of was the tower’s soaring height. “Our goal was to bring the fear of heights and a sensation of falling,” says Jacques Wong, one of the Level Designers. “The verticality and sense of being high-up is felt inside just as much as it is outside.”

The first of the new operators is Vigil who is equipped with a cloaking device that renders him invisible to cameras. This defensive character brings the K1A SMG and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight for his primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as his secondaries.

Next up is attacker Dokkaebi, a South Korean hacker who can disrupt the defending teams by activating their mobile phones twice per round. This causes a loud buzzing noise for the rest of the attackers to hear, and also disrupts the defenders camera systems. Any defender killed will drop their phone and if the attackers get hold of them, they can use the defenders camera system against them.

Finally, Zofia. Equipped with a KS79 Lifeline which is a double barrel grenade launcher with one chamber containing an impact grenade for creating holes in walls, and the other as a concussion grenade.


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