Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Health rolls out its first update

News Xbox One

Ubisoft have been conducting a bit of housekeeping in the form of Operation Health. Implemented to balance the game by routing out exploits like manipulating the environment or getting a cheeky kill as the attackers spawn in.

Team TiX are particularly happy to see Glaz getting some attention and nerfed slightly – Dave was far too deadly with a sniper before they added that horrid sight that outlines enemies. Another area that is being worked on and rolled out in the update is a new technique to make matchmaking quicker, and finally, allowing you to equip and purchase new upgrades for your arsenal without being in the main menu screens.

For a full list of fixes check out the official Rainbow Six Siege website.

The next patch promises fixes to Hibana, Smoke grenade replication, aiming consistency, Alpha Pack Deployment, and other long-persisting issues.

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