The Raven is remastered and coming for consoles

Released during the final throes of the Xbox 360, a smart mystery adventure was release by KING Art – as great as it looked – I had my eye on the next gen of consoles and so I missed it altogether – shame on me.

This year The Raven is returning for another stab at consoles and on March 13 the remastered edition will be released, complete with new animations, lighting, hair and extra subtitles for those that speak French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

The story follows the trail of a stolen ruby where only a raven feather is found, but The Raven has been gone for years and only but following up leads can you solve the mystery of whether The Raven has returned or if a copycat is on the loose.

This time, I will be sure to pick up this intriguing whodunit adventure.