Rayman Legends for Xbox One Dated February 28

The utterly perfect and outstanding platformer – Rayman Legends, as developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, will grace its presence on the Xbox One from February 28th 2014! Oh, boy are we excited to see such an excellent and graphically beautiful game with another lick of paint for the new generation consoles!

The news came today from Ubisoft who detailed that thanks to the enhanced capabilities of these next-gen consoles, the award-winning graphics of Rayman Legends have been upgraded and the loading time between maps suppressed. Players on both platforms will also get exclusive costumes for Rayman and Globox: Splinter Ray, Ray Vaas and Globox Vaas on Xbox One, as well as being able to buy the Funky Ray costume with Uplay points.

Players will also be able to take advantage of exclusive features on Xbox One which includes 10 exclusive challenges to unlock new time-limited Achievements!

Rayman Legends on the Xbox 360 scored a whopping 9.5/10 from thisisxbox:

I struggled to find anything negative about Rayman Legends; everything from the artwork to the level design, the challenges, the bosses, the whole mythic worlds and enchanting scenery was perfect for an amazing platforming game as this. Everything about it is just brilliant and fun for literally anyone! There are elements which could have made the game better such as online co-op modes, but that is the only improvement that could have been implemented. Overall I can only praise Ubisoft for delaying the game to make it a multiplatform release with more levels and a fantastic return to Origins too. If you love platformers, you’ll totally fall in love with Rayman Legends as it’s a wonderful trip into a world that is filled with dreamscapes and beautifully orchestrated nightmares.

We’ll hopefully have an Xbox One review in due course!

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