RDR Backwards compatability update

red_dead_redemptionThis weekend the internet was abuzz, when several sites revealed a method to install and play Rockstars western opus, Red Dead Redemption, on the Xbox One.

By exploiting the Find Someone function, gamers have been able to download and install the game. At the time of writing the other games, including Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo Wars, were still showing as unavailable but following a simple step by step process you could download Red Dead Redemption, but be prepared for disappointment if you do.

Like previous cases, the ability to view and interact with 360 games that others own allows access to the game by going to the users profile, viewing their following list, finding the game then clicking the “See in Store” function to access the Xbox Live back end for that game, even though it is not available directly on the store front.

It appears that in an effort to curb the in-proper download of Red Dead Redemption, players are now being redirected to downloading Hexic HD instead.

It is safe to say that this gives the first true indication that Xbox have been listening to the community and the top voted games are on their way to us, so we can expect Red Dead Redemption to arrive on our download lists very soon.

For now, patience appears to be the best course of action as Xbox Support have confirmed that following the unsanctioned process to obtain the game is a breach of the Terms of Service.


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