Release Date Revealed for Full Mojo Rampage

Release Date Revealed for Full Mojo Rampage

The voodoo-infused roguelike action RPG, Full Mojo Rampage, will be enchanting Xbox One on June 28th.

Full Mojo Rampage 3

Brought to you by Over The Top Games and published by Nicalis Inc. Full Mojo Rampage puts you in the shoes of a knowledge-hungry apprentice, looking to serve deities known as Loa in pursuit of strange, dark magic. Utilizing abilities bestowed by Loa alongside an ever-changing array of enchanted items known as mojos, up to 4 players will venture together through randomly generated spooky 3D environments brimming with secret rooms, shrines and loot.

Full Mojo Rampage 2

Additionally, you can also engage in a variety of online versus modes that support up to 8 players, including challenges such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and King of Mojo. You can also expect some visual and gameplay improvements over its PC original as the title jumps to console.

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