Remember Me Remembering You

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Capcom are offering the opportunity for people worldwide to become immortalised in their upcoming game, Remember Me.

Two initiatives have been launched that see gamers and designers having the chance to get far more personal with their game than ever before.

Already underway is the billboard advertisement creation section in which creative thinkers are tasked with putting together an eye-catching ad that will become a part of the neon-lit backdrop of 2084 Neo-Paris. By visiting  Adverts in 2084 contestants can view the advertising briefs for five fictional companies and then get to work creating a billboard to grab the attentions of this future audience.

The second initiative asks people to submit images of their most cherished memories along with a short description of why said moment was of such importance. Images will then be chosen at random to feature in the Memory Overload sequences of the game. For details of the promotion check out Remember Me Facebook page. This one runs from October 25th to November 29th.

Remember Me, is a vision of the future in which memories are a commodity that can be bought, traded and sold. It’s due to hit X360 next May.


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